In sum:

Degenerates is the personal brand of Froge. I’ve written over 700,000 words on digital art with the hope that you, yes, you, will follow my example and go on to create work that you can be proud of in the same way I’m proud of mine.

The tone of Degenerates is self-depreciating and flippant, though ultimately serious. The projects within are best described as blogs — nothing more, nothing less. They’re funny, and if they’re not funny, they’re thoughtful. They challenge your intellect and engage with you in a visceral way that we don’t even get in our real lives.

There are two laws of Degenerates: knowledge, and truth. If I do not teach you what I know, I have failed. If I am not honest in what I teach, I have failed. It’s from these moral rights I express ideas from all the subjects I feel qualified to talk about. The value is not only in what I express, but how I express it in that particular, inimitable way that I’ve never seen expressed before.

I write for people who are like me; your interest in what I create depends on your own view of the world. If you hate mediocrity and strive for goodness in all things, then I will be of service to you. And if I perform this service to the best of my ability, having come out a more learned, more fulfilled, just-plain-better human being than who I was before, then I will have the privilege to look back on my life having done what I love instead of being chained to what I fear.

Be good at what you do, for nobody can do good for you. The best artists lead by example… this is just what I do.

Active Project:

A small black-and-white ghost, shaped like a slug, with a mischievious grin.

Froge’s Frogesay

Dormant Projects:

A stylised green portrait of a frog’s head, with big blue eyes, three yellow horns, looking upwards while smiling.

Froge's Froghand

A blue cross with four rectangles stopping short of a point.

The 10kB Art Gallery

A scruffy grey cat with multiple dark markings on its head, its right ear chipped, and its left ear pointed downwards.

Kratzen Reviews

Our flag:

You can use this 88×32 flag for your website!

Degenerate flag.