In sum:

The Degenerates are an art collective dedicated to free culture, free software, art without copyright, and being the highest–quality creators of this work. We're like "Fight Club" for artists.

Under Prime Minister Froge, at, Degenerates are the first resort and the final word for the culture we create. We see a world full of beauty and a world worth living in. Our mission is to keep it that way.

What makes a Degenerate? We break the rules and make better ones. We make work that you're afraid to. We work professionally, respectfully, sincerely, and with honour. Above all else, we never betray our reputations; being a scumbag doesn't make you one of us.

Our e–mail is Don't message us — we'll message you. Or check out our Neocities; in fact, you can post there. Froge's personal e–mail is for personal nonsense, though you'll want to contact him on his 10kB page first. Stuff related to any specific project goes to that site's contact info.

The first step to progress is getting educated. Check out our about page, our virtues, and our ranks. Do we expect you to read all of that? Well, that depends. Do you want to change the world? We may be exclusive, but we're also inclusive. If you've got the the good manners, hard work, and intelligence, then join us. And if you want to join, you gotta understand just what makes us important.


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Our flag:

You can use this 88×32 flag for your website! There's no border around it, so nobody can confuse you for one of the members.

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