In sum:

The Degenerates are an art collective dedicated to free culture, free software, art without copyright, and being the highest–quality creators of this work. We’re like “Fight Club” for artists.

Under Prime Minister Froge, at, Degenerates are the first resort and the final word for the culture we create. We see a world full of beauty and a world worth living in. Our mission is to keep it that way.

What makes a Degenerate? We break the rules and make better ones. We make the work you’re afraid to. We work professionally, respectfully, sincerely, and with honour. We prefer humans who are human, with chivalry and brains, the cleverness to change things, and putting in an honest day’s work to become the future they want to see.

Our e–mail is, or you may check out our Neocities. Froge’s personal e–mail is for personal nonsense. Invitations are open, and solicitations are welcome, though too often we take the initiative to scout out the most talented of us.

Our criteria for inclusion is simple: hate copyright, and love art. Be good at what you do, for nobody else can do good for you. The best artists lead by example… this is just what Degenerates do.

Member Projects:

A stylised green portrait of a frog’s head, with big blue eyes, three yellow horns, looking upwards while smiling.

Froge's Froghand

A blue cross with four rectangles stopping short of a point.

The 10kB Art Gallery

A scruffy grey cat with multiple dark markings on its head, its right ear chipped, and its left ear pointed downwards.

Kratzen Reviews

Our flag:

You can use this 88×32 flag for your website!

Degenerate flag.